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Patients Rights

We have the following responsibilities towards our patients:
  • To be informed the patient & their families about the care and services of the healthcare organization & how to access those services.

  • To have considerate and respectful care consistent with your personal values and beliefs.
  • To respect the privacy of the patient
  • To safeguard the personal belongings of an in-patient.
  • To protect the patient from any type of assault while under Al Noor Care.
  • To protect the children, disabled individuals and elderly.
  • To protect the patient's information from loss and misuse.
  • To care in a respectful and compassionate manner for the terminally ill patients.
  • To inform patients on all aspects if interested in participating in any clinical research, investigations, or clinical trials.
  • To provide patients with trained and caring staff.
  • To inform patients in an adequate way the proposed treatment and course of action for their health issues in order to make informed decisions, as well as stress on the submittal of a signed consent form.
  • To obtain a patient's general consent for treatment and have the general scope and limits of this consent explained.
  • To ask for a patient's informed consent before a surgery, anesthesia, use of blood and blood product, and other high risk treatment and procedures, clinical research, investigation and trial.
  • To inform a patient of any conflicts of interest involving the health organization and their respective care.
  • To respect the UAE law and culture.
  • To inform the patient of treatment charges.
  • To inform the patient on the treating physician if requested credentials & expertise.


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